When you've taken photos for over a decade, know what you love capturing most. Here's what I specialize in and am passionate about, but don't be afraid to reach out if you're looking for something else! 

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Couples are my favorite (insert heart-eye emoji here)!

Engagements, anniversaries, you just got a new place, need new content for the insta - you name it, I want to be apart of it!

My goal with these sessions is to make it the absolute best time and never just an awkward hour of you standing in front of my camera. 

We'll laugh, we'll play and we'll have oh-so-much fun, kinda like a super fun/great date.. but with your favorite third wheel ;p

Not into the traditional wedding scene?

Pledging your life to someone should be 100% focused on the two of you, so why not privately read your vows on your favorite mountain top?

Whether you're planning to travel to a  foreign country, sneak away to a secluded island, or get cozy in a cabin in the woods, I'm here to help plan and document your day so you can lavish in the moment and cherish the emotions and memories for decades to come. 

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Big weddings are so much fun! 

But if I'm honest, I personally feel that weddings 100+ guests are more about the event and guests than they are about the love shared by the newly weds and their closest friends and family members.

That said, I no longer accept weddings of over 70 guests. I do this so I can clearly and accurately capture the relationships, joy and emotion of you two(!), your family and friends.

Pricing varies depending on your needs. I typically like to shoot full weekends - the day before excitement, morning jitters, the after party, etc. - all the tidbits you'll want to remember forever.  Feel free to send me a message for full details :) 


Small Weddings

Commercial photography (branding, product shoots, catalogs, etc.) is actually the area that I've loved and explored the longest. 

Because of how much projects can vary, send me a message explaining your wants, needs, and budget and I'll be happy to send you a custom quote :)  

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